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A Dream Come True 


After undergoing ACL replacement surgery, I was told I could no longer use my favorite gym equipment and decided to join the packed classes of Pilates go-ers and was instantly hooked.  

I looked forward to each Pilates class, but did not look forward to using machines that were still damp from the previous user, even with the very small wipe provided to "clean" the entire machine.  


I woke up one night wondering if there was a way to protect myself from being exposed germs and when my search came up empty, Pureza ® Fitness was born.


Pureza, which means "purity" in Portuguese, is our foundation and inspiration for clean fitness solutions.   The moisture wicking fabric of the Pilate-Tect Cover creates a barrier between your body and  potential germs, all while keeping you dry.   Additional comfort provided from the removable shoulder padding for those days when the reformer spring load feels heavier than normal.  


We would love to hear your feedback on our products, so please visit our contact page and send us a note! Just remember with Pureza ® Fitness you are germ free, worry sweat.   Namaste!


Amy Cervantes

Founder/ CEO  

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