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Installation Instructions for Most Common Reformer Machines




Step 1: Unfold and lay out cover on carriage


Unfold reformer cover and lay on carriage of reformer machine like so. Make sure the logo is facing up.

Step 2: Install shoulder holes over shoulder rests


Slide shoulder holes down shoulder rests until the base is reached.  ***Repeat other side.

Step 3: Slip on shoulder covers 


 Next, slip shoulder covers over reformer shoulder rest.  Install with foam inserts on the front side of shoulder rests. *** Repeat other side.

Step 4: Install bottom corners on carriage


Tuck bottom corners underneath carriage and pull elastic string to tighten.   

Step 5: Install top corners on carriage


Next, install top corners. Corners should fit snug on carriage.  If cover fits loosely, simply adjust elastic string to tighten.  


If corners are not fitting properly, adjust drawstring accordingly.

Additional Option: Install on Box


To install on box, remove from reformer machine and slide over the top of the box securing with drawstring.






Care Instructions:

Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle or hand wash prior to first use.  Hang dry or lay flat. Do not machine dry.  Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. 

Step 6: Install headrest cover


Lastly, slip headrest cover over carriage head rest and adjust draw string for desired fit.  


Now your cover is installed and ready for use!

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